Sunday, 11 December 2011

What I Have Learned So Far

As I have had my Lutterloh system for a couple of years already, I have followed the recommendations and made the trial vest to test the fit of the system on me.

I purchased my Lutterloh system from Sonja and Andre at Lutterloh New Zealand - I can't say enough good things about these two, but I guess #1 would be....GREAT SERVICE. I have also done several of Sonja's online workshops which have been invaluable in the learning process. When you have been sewing for many years, struggling with the Big 4 pattern companies, it is quite a learning curve to adjust to this system, or so I found. You really do need to forget everything you know and start again.

So here is what I have learned for me:
Reduce shoulder width
Lower bust dart
Reduce waist length
Add 4cm to hip measurement before drafting pattern to allow for extra ease over the tummy area.

I apply these four adjustments automatically now to each and every pattern I draft. The only other area of concern is necklines. All necklines are too big and too low. Of course I do have a funny shape! I am basically a 'rectangle'. I have a broad back and a narrow upper how do you figure that happened? At this point in time I have decided not to worry about further investigations for the neckline problem. By following the 4 adjustments listed above, the patterns fit great across my back and shoulder area so I have chosen to pay particular attention to the neckline at the tissue-fitting stage and make any adjustments on a pattern by pattern basis. With the help of Pam Too, this is not a biggie.

As I have done the ground work for my own patterns, what I've decided to do now is a 'start from scratch' using my daughter as the model. (You out there Anna?.....Ok?.....I promise to crop all photos to keep you looking decent). Anna is moving (a couple of hours away) in late January so if I want to be able to sew for her I will need to get the system working for her before she goes. She won't be so readily available for fittings but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the fitting/adjustments so spot on that I will be able to sew for her without her being here. BUT that's what I'm aiming for!

Roll on 2012......


  1. I often see the Letterloh system in Australian Stitches and always have been intrigued by it. Looking forward to following your journey - the up's and down's - and that of Pam Too's (she looks like one zany character at the moment!!!)
    Welcome to Bloggerland ...

  2. Hello Pam - good luck - that is one lucky daughter.